Know Your Hair Type

  1. Here Are Some Examples Of Different Hair Type
Checking what type of hair you have, may help a lot with what goes best for you. We recommend to double check your hair-type and test which of our products is your equally yolk hair products that will work for you. Sometimes we confound our own hair type with others because we thought we had the same hair just by looking at it or we start comparing our hair with others, other than actually getting to know our hair and know its strength or weakness. When I took the time to learn about my hair. I realized; I have stuffed hair that are very thin. Every time I relaxed my hair in the past, they would fall because its strength had been cut in half. As natural as it, I never needed a hairdryer to straitened them. I could braid them very tightly after washing then let them dry on they own. They would be straightened enough to put on a hair bun the next day. A hair like mine, have no strength on its own to be relaxed so I went natural and leave it alone. But I needed a good natural product that would help me keep them growing while supplying them with the strength they needed. That's when I had to enters the chart with a strong mind to rescue my hair, and when I was blessed with a child, I had to start doing the same thing for her. So, I will ask you, what Type of hair do you have? That along can help you a lot and plays a big role on growing your hair back, strong and healthy. Here are a few hairs type I has learned of during my journey. Naturally Curly, Thick, Fuzzy, and thin hair. Glorious Wave, kink or Coil, which one do you have?

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